Nobody/No One 2020

In 2016, repulsed by both major party candidates, I cast a protest vote for Evan McMullin. It did not take very long for me to echo Gob Bluth.

Normally when you cast a protest vote, the idea is to highlight the weakness of the major party candidates by picking a person of high character and/or who holds policy views much closer to your own heart. When you wind up voting for someone who manages to be an even bigger grifter than either of the two moral cretins you’re protesting, well, you done messed up.

Seeing as how I messed up four years earlier, I vow not to repeat my error. Therefore, to save myself some future regret, I will be leaving the presidential field blank. I am voting for nobody, and I feel fine.

That’s not to say I am not voting at all. There is a US House race, of course. I will be voting for whatever sacrificial Republican they’ve managed to dig up to run against Jamie Raskin. Raskin, as you may be aware, has drafted some legislation around the 25th amendment to give Congress more power to remove the president, aka the “Let’s Try and Make Kamala Harris President Sooner” act of 2020.

*And I will not be able to escape Raskin, even though I am moving 50 miles away to the north and west, several counties removed. Yep, he will still be my representative. Gotta love gerrymandering.

There are also four local ballot initiatives. Raskin, along with Montgomery County Executive Marc “I use the phrase science and data in every statement I make to justify continued school closures and lockdown measures even though I never actually produce either the science or data to justify these draconian policies” Elrich, have publicly announced which of the two ballot initiatives they are supporting and which two they are opposing. This is very helpful to me, because I can vote precisely the opposite way. They’ve both saved me a ton of research time, thus marking the first time either has done anything in public office to help improve my life.

Getting back to the presidential election, in voting for neither President Trump or Vice President Biden, I have made roughly the same calculation I made in 2016: neither person is worthy of my vote, but neither is so terrible that I feel compelled to vote for the other guy. Granted the Democrats and their allies in the press seem to be doing everything in their power during the Amy Coney Barrett confirmation process* to make me rethink this position.

*No, filling vacant judicial seats IS NOT the same thing as packing the courts by expanding the number of judges. Anyone making this argument is either a liar or an idiot, and I won’t go along with this obvious gaslighting effort.

I’ve spent the better part of five years expressing why I don’t like President Trump and view him as unfit for office, so I feel no need to repeat myself. As for Joe Biden, it’s a curious thing to be repulsed by Donald Trump’s character while ignoring the many ways Biden, if not as repugnant, is a seriously flawed human being. And while he may not be as radical as the left flank of his party, he is no moderate. Nothing quite demonstrates his lack of fitness as his artless refusal to answer whether or not he would support a court packing plan. It takes some bold leadership to tell the American public it doesn’t deserve an answer.

By stating my refusal to vote for either man I will of course be accused of essentially casting a vote for Joe Biden by Donald Trump voters and for Donald Trump by Joe Biden voters. So in voting for nobody I am somehow voting for two different men, which I guess is the same thing in the end.

Trump voters seem to view anything less than full-throated support for their man as something akin to treason. I am essentially risking the country’s future by allowing a socialist tyrant to take the reins of power. If Joe Biden wins, socialism will be implemented in America within about three months, and we will lose all essential freedoms. I am not entirely without concerns about a Biden administration from a policy standpoint, but as I have written elsewhere, as long as Republicans at least have a strong Senate minority, many of the fears about a Biden administration are overblown.

For now.

As for the #Resistance, it’s basically the same sad song as above, only instead of a socialist tyranny we have to fight the final fascist takeover of America. We’re just one election away from the end of America as we know it, and if you don’t think Donald Trump is Hitler reincarnate, then you’re probably just a secret Hitler wannabe yourself.

I guess I can understand the fears of these brave #Resistance warriors. They’ve courageously battled the orange fascist tyrant lo these four years. The #Resistance has had to do it all with nothing except control of multiple state governments, control of one-half of the federal legislature, and almost complete dominance of the media, entertainment industry, and academia. You know, just like the French Resistance had to make do in battling the Nazis.

I will risk the disapproval and disappointment of my friends in not casting any presidential ballot. I know it will be difficult, and I guess I will just have to risk the consequence of not being able to say down the line, “Don’t blame me, I voted for Kodos.”

4 thoughts on “Nobody/No One 2020

  1. I need a little help. What does a “strong Republic Senate minority” look like? In January if we are looking at a Biden/Schumer/Pelosi led government how does that “strong…minority” stand in the way of say the repeal of the Hyde Amendment and broad government funding for abortions up to full term (or more)? What happens to the 2nd Amendment with Beto as Joe’s “gun control czar”? How does the illustrious Republican minority derail the Squad’s Green New Deal and economic prescriptions for making everything “fair” including open borders and citizenship for all? That doesn’t even touch current hot button items such as the prospect of packing the Supreme Court, adding a couple more reliably Democrat states and wiping out the filibuster in the Senate. I’m not sure how this isn’t a formula for a permanent Republican minority and one party rule until well after I’m gone. Frankly, on balance, I don’t find deciding who I will vote for all that difficult.


    1. Assuming the Republicans have at least 49 in the Senate, almost none of that will come to pass. I just don’t think the Democrats will get people like Joe Manchin and vulnerable Senators up for reelection in 2022 to support all that. Preferably though, the Republicans maintain their majority and it’s not even a concern.


      1. There is more riding on that than I would be willing to risk. Frankly I don’t believe the GOP has the stomach for the battle that would be required to keep the leftist/socialists from cramming thru their agenda. The left has proven to be MUCH better at enforcing party discipline than the GOP. In 2022 the Dems have 12 seats up and a with a quick look it doesn’t appear that many of them would be at much risk. The GOP has 22 seats up in 2022 assuming a couple of those actually survive this year. It seems to me that Trump gets virtually no credit for accomplishments from folks like George Will and little to no acknowledgement that the “deep state” has in fact been working diligently to resist and undermine him at every turn since before his inauguration. Assertions that were considered “conspiracy theories” we are finding were actual conspiracies intended to at least undermine if not destroy his presidency. I find no solace in comparison to 2008. There are factors in play today that we’ve never had to deal with before. The rise of social media and the power it has when manipulating what is seen by the masses for example. There is huge money being injected by the uber-wealthy, primarily on the left, in literally 10’s and some cases 100’s of millions of dollars. The acceptance of the Sander’s agenda, the power ceded to “AOC and the Squad” combined with the rise of the cancel culture have created a dogma of Democrat policies more extreme than could have been imagined twelve years ago. I do, in fact, fear for the future of this country.


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