Welcome to the Classical Liberal

Oh wow, another blog. How 2005.

Yes, it is another political blog, and in the era of social media and hot takes it may appear a little quaint to use this platform. But it is in some ways fitting to rely on this format since the purpose of this blog is to defend older institutions, particularly the US Constitution.

The authors of this blog are on different sides of the political spectrum, but are united in a common philosophy. We see the pillars of the American constitutional order, represented by a classical liberal philosophy, under assault from members of both political parties. These elements believe classical liberalism as a political philosophy doesn’t provide the right type of solutions to the problems that Americans face. Or, as some have put it, classical liberalism has simply failed, and it failed because it is not a philosophy suitable to the lived experiences of most people.

Needless to say we do not agree with this position. We view the US Constitution as the logical end product of a system of beliefs valuing liberty, the rule of law, market economics, and republicanism – or at least republicanism as understood by the Framers. Again, while we may not agree on specific applications of those principles in the policy realm, we do agree on these and other fundamental constitutional principles. In particular, we are vexed by the concomitant rise of populism and the power of the chief executive. These concerns predate current office holders, and are based on a shared understanding of the original constitutional framework.

You will not be seeing hot takes on current events here. To the extent we comment on current affairs, it will be through an institutional or constitutional prism. Our goal is to share and promote the common set of shared principles so desperately in need of defending.

We welcome comments and feedback.

One thought on “Welcome to the Classical Liberal

  1. This is well said, Paul. I add only that my personal view is that we have become far too enamored of personalities and have lost the attachment to institutions that the US Constitution embodies. Stated differently, the Framers of our constitution knew too well how quickly people, individually and collectively, can turn. They grounded the Constitution in institutions and processes for precisely this reason.

    This is the core reason I oppose the Imperial Presidency which appears to me me to be a misguided Parliamentarian departure from constitutionalism, a constitutionalism that places the Legislature at the center of federal power.


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